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Megapixel Cooled Color CCD Camera with USB2.0 Interface


This 6.0 Megapixel Cooled Color CCD camera is a no compromise design with state of the art capability, suitable for high end users doing low light astronomy or microscope applications. It has a very large imager format to make framing your subject easy, and large pixel size for high sensitivity, and high imager resolution of 3032x2016 to give a great image even when you need to use only part of the image frame. It has a peltier thermo electric cooled CCD image sensor to lower thermal noise, allowing long exposure times of up to one hour with minimal thermal noise. It can also take images in bright conditions as well. It uses a large 1.8” Sony CCD (ICX413AQ) interline frame scan CCD and a 12 bit analog front end and A/D converter. For low light applications, this CCD camera is substantially better than CMOS cameras, due to the low thermal and readout noise, minimal fixed pattern noise, and uniform analog front end amplifier and circuitry used for all pixels. This camera is a high end CCD that offers high light sensitivity (using large 7.8 micron pixels with high quantum efficiency) and high resolution 3032x2016 image format. The USB2.0 allows rapid image readout of still frames, multiple frame sequences, or videos. Software drivers are provided compatible with all Windows computers (XP/NT//Vista/Windows7, 32 and 64 bit). Two software programs are provided, allowing simple image capture, image processing, editing, measuring and labeling for both microscope or astronomy applications.


  • 6.0 Megapixels: 3032x2016 active pixels
  • 1.8 inch image sensor
  • Color Image Output
  • Humidity seal cover glass over sensor with anti reflective coating  and no blocking of visible frequencies is standard. IR blocking is optional upon request. User replaceable if desired.
  • High speed USB2.0 interface (480Mb/s) directly to your PC
  • 7.8 micron square pixels
  • Peltier cooled to -30C below ambient
  • Exposure time from 1 msec to 60 minutes
  • Manual or Automatic exposure mode control
  • Full Frame CCD ideal for long exposure times and low light imaging applications, 3 FPS output
  • Manual controls for Gain, Gamma, Contrast, Brightness, etc.
  • 1x1, 2x2 and 4x4 binning for extra sensitivity
  • Hardware noise reduction gain circuits
  • All aluminum body construction, for durability and good heat transfer
  • Accepts a T mount lens or adapter
  • Replaceable humidity seal window over CCD, with NIR filter, or clear glass with anti reflective coating, or other filters
  • Drivers for Windows USB, DirectX, Twain, Huffyuv, XviD, WMA
  • Large format image sensor has a wide field of view, and high resolution
  • Image files saved in JPG, BMP,TIF, and RAW formats
  • Operating Temperature 0-60 C
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 81mm x 48mm
  • Weight 480g
  • Female M42x0.75 thread T mount, allows user to add their own adapter for microscope or telescope
  • Comes with a sturdy aluminum carrying case, power adapter, USB cable, software CD & directions
  • Free Technical Support for the first 90 days

Comparison to Other OmniView Cameras

The graphical comparison below illustrates that this OmniView6000 camera uses a high sensitivity CCD (1060mV) for very good low light performance. The exceptional feature of this camera is the 6.0 megapixel resolution, providing uncompromising high fidelity imaging for low light applications.




  • Brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescent imaging including GFP, FISH,NIR,FRET,chemiluminescence, chemifluorescence
  • Used for life science, geology, clinical pathology and cytology, microelectronics and MEMS research
  • Miniature and Micro scale observations and documentation of integrated circuits, microelectronics, MEMS components, PCBs, etc.


  • Planetary Observations
  • Deep Space Observations
  • Solar Observations

Software Features

  • Snap single frames, or automatic multi frame sequences, or videos
  • Crop, Mirror, Flip, Invert, Rotate, Bright, Negative, Resample, Skew, alpha channel
  • Copy and paste user defined regions
  • Distances can be measured between user defined points, circles, etc.
  • Angles can be calculated by defining three points on the image
  • Operations can be performed on any user defined region
  • Color operations can be performed on individual R, G, B channels
  • Data combine of two images
  • Data calibration
  • Image-zoom as a per cent of the original image
  • Linear filters to blur, soften, sharpen, Gaussian, emboss
  • Non-linear filters for median, erode, dilate, contour, edge and jitter
  • Measure line, circle, angle, etc, calibrate
  • Transform filters for pinch, punch, twirl and cylinder
  • Fluorescence filters for gamma, colorize, mix and combine



You will be pleased with the results this camera produces for low light astro photography, and low light microscopy. It is also easy to use, and a great value.

This item comes with the camera, USB2.0 cable, power adapter, CD with software and manual, and carrying case.

Part Number

  • Omniview6000, Color Camera, MPN 00109348

Technical Support

This product includes 90 days of free telephone technical support, during normal business hours (8AM-5PM M-F, mountain time). We will gladly answer questions and help get you up and running smoothly and quickly. We have been in business since 1985, and have the experience and knowledge to help you efficiently.


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